The limitless possibilities of the Metaverse

We are creating a new interactive digital scalable space with unlimited possibilities for both businessmen and the average user.

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About the project

MetaLUX metaverse

Our team is creating a parallel multi-user cyber reality, a parallel virtual world with an economic structure similar to our ordinary reality. What this means is a planet, and in the future a system of planets, with different continents, with cities on them inhabited by people. In each city you can find everything that surrounds you in reality - shops, banks, restaurants, cafes, clubs, hotels, residential buildings, offices, stadiums… In our Metaverse, it will be possible to do business - trading, renting, advertising, banking, gaming, event business… An ordinary user will be able to: make purchases of clothes, real estate and many other items, travel the world - both virtual and linked to offline reality, play various P2E games, earn our own in-game cryptocurrency LUX and withdraw it into fiat currencies…

Competitive advantages


Initially, we develop in 3D for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. Next, pairing with VR, AR, MR.

Polygon Blockchain

LUX's own in-game currency on the Polygon blockchain. Fast and cheap transactions.


Entry for the average user from “0”, numerous earnings mechanics, new jobs.


Our project creates a new economic space in a game format.

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